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Why Choose Pinnacle Martial Arts

Have you been searching for the right place where you can lose weight, get in shape, learn self-defense, meet new people and change your life? Plus, while doing all that becoming a part of the most successful Martial Arts Training Center in San Antonio, Texas then,  

Pinnacle Martial Arts is San Antonio's premiere location for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) & Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). We strive as a team to help everybody who comes through our doors to achieve whatever goals they set. We cater to every level athlete. Whether you are looking to get in shape or whether you have dreams of becoming a professional fighter,  

Most people who come through our doors have no experience. They are out of shape and have not been able to achieve their goals on their own. This is where we step in. We have trained and knowledgeable staff whose primary goal is to coach you to your desired destination. Our staff actively trains to compete and has specialized skills to help you reach the next level. We offer a diversified and flexible schedule to meet the need of the everyday working professional. We can accommodate the most busy schedule, which is why we have so many doctors, lawyers and other professionals who train with us. So there is no excuse for you to put off your health and life goals any longer.  


What You Receive:

1. Free Uniorm

2. Free T-Shirt

3. Free MMA Gloves

4. Free 30 Days Of Training


Pinnacle Martial Arts was voted #1 location for brazilian jiu-jitsu (bjj) in San Antonio. We offer a full schedule for Adults and Children. With a beginner through advanced curriculum, nobody in San Antonio Texas is more equipped to take a person from start to finish in their Martial Arts journey. Check out our amazing 30 Day Free Trial Offer. 


Pinnacle Martial Arts has the qualified instructors to help you reach your mma goals. We work with the First Time practitioners all the way to the Pros. Come and learn why MMA is the leading martial art for self defense & weight loss. Check out our amazing Free Trial Offer. 


Are you looking for a new way to work out? Are you tired of the treadmill. We offer a Women's only MMA & Fitness class that not only teaches the most effective self defense (MMA) but also achieves the best results. Watch our testimonial from Jenny Taylor below.


Pinnacle Martial Arts the #1 Kids Program in San Antonio, Texas. We offer classes for Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & MMA. We not only teach your child the most effective martial art today but we also pride ourself in building leaders and future champions.


What is your child doing for the summer? Much of your child's development will be made during those 3 months in between school days. We offer a way for your child to receive valuable skills and character training during those critical months. 


Are you looking for After school Pick up? Do you live in one of our Pick Up Areas? Check the list to see if you are eligible. We offer a safe enviornment for your child to learn and grow while you are away at work.  


Student Reviews

I've been training at Pinnacle Martial Arts for about a month and half now. I'm a blue belt that transferred to San Antonio for work. Pinnacle has been great to me. I've been attending the competition class. I appreciate the intensity and the number of competitors in the class. Everyone is putting in a tremendous amount of work. I competed at the IBJJF Austin Open. My new teammates were very welcoming. A couple of my new coaches watched my match. The Monday after the tournament, my coaches had specific details to work on from my match. They've been great about reinforcing the couple of things I need to work on. The coaches and professors are always rolling with the students. The owners of the gym are active competitors. Overall, it's a great environment for Jiu Jitsu!

Love this gym!! I have been training here for almost 2 yrs and I have all 4 of my sons training here as well. The professors and coaches are world class. There are a few gym members that are also world champions! The atmosphere is great and there is a ton of mat space. I highly recommend Pinnacle to anyone and everyone!

Pinnacle is an amazing place to train! From the day you start, everyone is very friendly and welcoming. They have world class instructors that will help you on your journey to reach your goals. Whether you want to be a world champion or just train self defense, this is a wonderful place to come to. I've been training here for almost a year, and I can't believe how much my life has been changed. As far as the training facility goes, everything is kept so clean that it's easy to have no worries. I highly recommend Pinnacle to anyone interested in BJJ or MMA. 

Pinnacle Martial Arts

4926 Golden Quail Suite 204

San Antonio, Texas 78240

United States

Phone: 210-348-6004

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