The Many Benefits Of Introducing Your Kids To Mixed Martial Arts in Downing, Missouri, United States

In-general, activities certainly are a wonderful outlet for youngsters. Children need lots of freetime to mess around and envision or generate. But kids also need what their bodies can handle and to learn about their health. Mixed martial arts are just how to deal with others, and a wonderful instrument for training children about their […]

David Johnson Jiu Jitsu Gold

David Johnson Turns His 3% Mindset Into BJJ Gold

David Johnson Wins 5 Jiu Jitsu Fights For The Gold Medal At The IBJJF Masters Worlds Championship. Dave has been a member of our gym since September of 2013. When he came to us, he had just been stationed to San Antonio by the military. He move here with a family and full time military […]

Dalls Open Jiu Jitsu Gold Medal Open Weight Division

I Put My Team On My Back

Matthew Fox goes undefeated in 3 divisions as Adult Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt at the IBJJF Dallas Open, including the open class. He took on an Ultra Heavy weight to close the division with World Champion teammate, Mahamed Aly. This is our teams first tournament under Team Lloyd Irvin. I am writing this blog […]