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Get In Shape & Learn Self-Defense

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"I began taking Jiu Jitsu at Pinnacle in June of 2014 and recently began taking a women's MMA classes as well. It has been a wonderful experience that I highly recommend. They offer a private lesson one on one so that you know what to expect when you take the classes. I enjoyed this very much as I had never taken a martial arts class before and didn't know what to expect. The instructors are friendly and know your name. They also take the time to make sure you are learning and having a good time. The instructors are open to questions after class. The facilities are very clean and neat and I see that the time is taken to make sure that this is done properly every day. There are cubicles for personal items and the parking is good too. There is a waiting area for parents and spouses to use." 

-Jenny Taylor

My husband has been going to Pinnacle for over a year now. He loves it! They have a fantastic staff who really cares about your experience and development. They also have an intro program so that my husband didn't start out getting destroyed by the more experienced folks right away.... That came later 😜. My husband loves it so much, he finally convinced me to have our 4 boys start Jiu Jitsu this week. He is excited see move into the new larger facility soon so that even more students can come to this great school.

-margaret voros