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Learn Why Parents from all over San Antonio Are Rushing to Pinnacle to Help Their Child! 

Pinnacle Martial Arts Difference:
Builds Discpline, Confidence, & Respect

Yes, we want our kids to be learn martial arts, but most importantly we want to build these life skills that will continue to help them in their future.  Discipline, confidence and respect are essential to your child's future. 

Combat against childhood obesity

Childhood obesity is an epidemic!  We have to make sure our children are learning healthy lifestyle habits to keep them active and to keep unnecessary illnesses away.

Helps Children With ADD & ADHD

Many parents have come to us because of ADD & ADHD.  Martial Arts is a great option for this because it helps your child learn how to focus and channels all that excess energy.  

Bully Prevention

Let's equip your child!  We know that bullying is going to occur, so let's make sure that your child is not the victim.  With teaching them proper technique and building their confidence, we can put an end to Bullying.  

Hi, my name is Rebekah Duron with Pinnacle Martial Arts and I'd like to thank you for visiting our website.  Right now, we are on a mission to help children throughout San Antonio.  I know the benefits of Martial Arts and how they have helped so many children in our program.

I'm passionate about children, I have 4 of my own, and I know that if we change a generation, we can change the world.  I take it as my personal responsibility to make sure we are instilling Life Skills that are helping our children with their future.  We want to build children who are passionate about helping others, achieving their goals, becoming Champions and learning functional martial arts!  

That's why I am offering you our
30 Day FREE Trial!  You can come in and see for yourself why we have so many success stories with children.  Plus, I want to give your child a Free Tour, Free Uniform and Free Private Lesson.  This gives them a chance to get on the mats, learn 1-on-1 with an instructor before they go to their first class.  You literally, have nothing to lose!  

Ivan Wadsworth, he came into our program for summer camp.  He was a good kid that needed help with focus and channeling his energy.  Through our martial arts program, his grades have improved, his behavior at home has improved and he is now part of our Leadership Club.  With hard work and consistency, he is training for the Kids Pan American Championship in 2017.  

You see, I believe it is our duty to make sure we help as many children in San Antonio as possible AND that's why I have made this offer available to you.
So, don't hesitate, just click the link and put your information in the box so we can help YOUR child!

I look forward to personally meeting you and seeing your child transform with our program!



There is a reason we have been featured on KSAT 12. We are not only about building your child into successful martial artist but also leaders in the community. We are on a mission to stomp out bullying in our schools. We do this by creating the most confident and self aware children as we can. We teach our students to stand up for their fellow peers and to never let anybody tear them down. We work hand in hand with our local teachers to keep our children safe and create outstanding members of our society.

As Seen On KSAT 12

FREE Kids Uniform ($100.00 Value) – It’s amazing the transformation that takes place the instant your child puts on the uniform.  

FREE Private Lesson ($99.00 Value) - I'm offering you  a 30 minute private lesson. You’ll be able to see if we can give your child the powerful benefits promised. During this one-on-one lesson your child will have an opportunity to build a closer relationship with the instructor and we will have an opportunity to answer any and all questions that you may have about our program.

FREE 30 Day Trial($167.00 Value) - FREE for investing just a little bit of your time with us (with absolutely no obligation to join). Through our experience we’ve found this is the absolute best way for you to be able to make a well-informed decision about our program and to see if our program can meet your needs (I’m sure it will).  


Click the link below. One of our program directors will contact you to set up your initial consultation. You will receive all of the FREE items discussed about above.  You can try our program for 30 Days Risk FREE. 

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